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A-roll, A-wind, abandon films, abbreviate, aberration, abrasion, abrasion mark, absorb, abuse, AC adapter, Academy frame, accelerated motion cinematography, accessory, account, accumulator, accuracy, accurate, ace, acetic acid, achromatic, "Action !", Acting, Action, Action still, Actor, film actor, Actress, film actress, Actuality, act alongside smb., act out, act up, actinic, action film, action flick, action-still, actioner, activate, actor/actress, actuality film, actuate, ad, Adaptator, adaptation, adaptor, add-ons, addict, address, adhesive, adjustable, adjustment, Adventure film, Advertising film, advance (payment), advance screening, advert, advertisment, adviser, advisory panel, aerial, aerial shot, aesthetics, affix (to, on, upon), aficionado, afterimage, against, age, aim a lens at, air, air-bulb syringe, air-quality, air-tight, air-time, air-to-air photography, air-to-ground photography, airwaves, alert media, align, alkaline, all rolled into one, all the way (down, up, to the right), all-around, all-round, alligator-clamp, alligator-clip, allowance, alloy, alongside, alternating current, Amateur film maker, amateur, ambient, amenity, Amplifier, amplify, Anamorphic lens, analyst, anamorphic lens, anchor, anchorette, anchorman, anchorperson, anchorwoman, ancillary, …


B-movie, B-picture, B-roll, B-wind, Baby spot, baby, baby tripod, baby-legs, baby-spot, Back light, Back lot, Back projection, Background, Background illumination, Background music, Background noise, Backing, back-drop, back-lit shot, back-up, back-up schedule, background, backlash, backlight, backstage screen musical, baffle, bagatelle, balance sheet, balanced, ban from the air, band, bank, bar, barn-door, barney, baroque, base, base loosely on, "Battleship Potemkin", batch, bath, bathos, battery, battery belt, battle scene, bay, bayonet mount, beam, beat, beautification, beauty shot, bedroom scene, behihd-the-scenes, bellows, bend, between films, BH perforation, bias, biconvex, bicycle, Big close up, big close-up, big-budget, big-name, bill, billboard, bin, Biopic, bio sheet, biog (raphical picture), biopic, Bird's eye view, Bit part, bit part, biting, Black comedy, blackout, blade, blank, bleached out, bleed, Blimp, blimp, blind shot, blink, Block buster, Bloomed lens, Blow up, Blow up print, block a shot, a view, block out, blockbuster, bloom, blow, blow horn, blow out, blow up, Blurred image, blue flick, blue movie, …


C-format, cabinet, cable, cable-release, calibrate, call sheet, call-in programme, show, calling, Camera angle, Camera crane, Camera crew, Camera line-up, Camera operator, Camera rails, Camera set up, Camera speed, Camera stand, Camera tilt, Camera truck, Camera view point, Cameraman, cam, cameo, camera assistent, camera car, camera crew, camera jam, camera-conscious person, camera-flash, camera-light, camera-person, camera-phone, camera-shy person, camera-work, cameraman, Can, Canned music, can, cancel, canded camera, candid, canister, canned laughter, cans, cap, capacity, caption, capture, capture headlines, Cartoonist, carry day, carry oneself, carrying case, cartoon animation, cartoons, Cast, Casting director, casing, cassette, cast, caster (castor), casting, casting office, casual staff, Cat-walk, catchlights, catering truck, catwalk, Cell, Celluloid City, celeb-dom, celebrity show, cell, Cement, film cement, cement, Censorship, censorship, centre-spot filter, Change over, Character, chamois, changing bag, channel, character, character generator, charge batteries, charger, charging cradle, chart, chase-scene, chat-show, Check print, cheat-shot, check the gate, chef-op, chemical fog, chest-brace, chest-microphone, chest-shot, Chief cameraman, …


Dailies, dailies, daily allowances, damaging information, dampen, dampness, danger money, danger zone, dark-room, darken, data, date, day-for-night filming, dead, dead spot, deadline, debut, decelerate, decibel, deck, decode, defamation, definition, deflect, defocus, degauss, degradation, degrade, degrease, degree, delay, delete, delicate, deliver news, demo-tape, demonstration, densitometer, density, Depth of field, dependability, depict, deplete, depress a button, depth-of-field, desaturation, deserve a watch, desk-stand, desk-top type, Detail, detach, detachable, detail, detail-shot, deterioration, deuce, Developing, develop, developer, developing bath, developing plant, developing shot, development, device, devise, dew, Dialogue recording, Dialogue writer, diagram, diaphragm, dichroic filter, die down, Diffuser, Diffusing screen, diffuse, digest, digital, digital special (video) effects, dilution, dim, dim down (up), dimension, dimensions, diminutive, dimmer, Direction, Director of photography, Director, film director, Director-cameraman, direct, direct current, direct cut, directional, director, director of photography, dirty movie, Dismantlong (of a set), Dissolve, Distribution agency, Distribution rights, disable, …


ear-phone, ear-piece, ear-speaker, early draft, earn, earn back, earn laurels, earth, eat up air-time, edge-fogging, edge-light, edge-number, Editing, Editing bench, Editor, film editor, edit, edit out, edit-room, edit-suite, edited version, editing bench, editing block, editing point, editing session, editing table, edition, editor, Educational film, educational documentary, Effects track, eject, elapse, Electrician, electrical crew, electrician, emcee (master of ceremonies), emendation, emergency press-conference, emit, Emmy, emote, Emulsion coating, emulate, emulsion, emulsion build-up, enact, enclosed space, encore, End title, end credits, end-marker, end-slate, ending, engage, engineer, engineering check-out, enhance, enlarger, enlarging paper, enter films, enter the field of the camera, entrant, entry, envelope, environmental sound, Epic, Episode, episode, episode-film, equalizer, equidistant from, equipment, erase, ergonomics, erratic, escapism, esque, essential area, establish, establisher, establishing shot, estimate, even up rushes, event, exaggerate, excessive, execution, exhibit a motion picture, exhibitor, existing light, existing surroundings, Exposure, expend, expendables, expense-report, experimenter, expert handling, explore a theme, expose, expose, …


F-stop, face, face-shot, facilities, facilities man, facit, facsimile artist, fact-finding, factful, factual, Fade in, Fade out, Fade, fading, fade, fade-over, fader, fading star, Fairy-tale film, failed actor (director), failure, faint, fall under censor's scissors, fall-off, fame, fan, fan-mail, Far distance shot, far left (right), far shot, farce, farcical, Fast motion effect, fashion photography, fast, fast cutting, fast forward, fault, Feature film, Feature player, feature, feature cameraman, feature length, feature story, featured guest, featurette, fee, feed, feed a signal, a tape, feed data into, feed end, feed spool, feed-back, feed-cable, feed-out chamber, feed-side, female plug, ferrotype, ferrotyping machine, fest, Ffilm restoration, Ffilm rupture, Ffilm score, Fiction film, fictional, fictitious, fictionalize, fidelity, field, field conditions, field of view, field phone-calls, field photography, field production, field questions, field report, field work, Fill-in light, Film, Film appreciacion, Film archives, Film art, Film break, Film cabinet; film car, Film club, Film copy, Film distribution, Film gate, Film length, Film library, Film loop, Film maker, Film noir, Film on art, Film processing, Film production, Film projection, Film projector, Film research, Film society, Film stock, Film technician, …


gadget, gadget bag, gadgetry, Gaffer, gaffer, gaffer's tape, gag, gagster, gain, game-show, gamma, Gangster movie, Gantries, gang up a crew, garish, Gate shutter, gate, gaudy, gauge, gauze, gear, gel(atin), gemini, General, Geneva mechanism, gen, general audience, general locking, general shot, generate, generation, generator, genlock, genre, ghost(ing), gimbal-joint, Glasswork, glamour, glare, glass shot, glisten, gloom-and-doom, glorify, glossy, glow, go off, go off the air, go on the air, go through, go to air, Gobo, gobo, God slot, goodnight time, goose, goose neck, gossip show, gradation, grader, grading, graduated, graduation, grain, graininess, grainy, grant, granularity, graphic, graphics, "Great Expectations", "Great Train Robbery", grease, green room, greens person, grey (gray) scale, Grip, grip, Ground angle shot, groove, ground glass, grounding, group, group shot, Guide track, guide, guide-track, guild, guillotine (splicer), gun-mike, gusto, Gyro-tripod


hair check, hair-light, hair-piece, Halation, halo, halation, halo, ham, hammer, Hand camera, Hand-held shot, hand, hand-held, handling, handling noise, happening, "Harden!", hard, hard cut, hard news, harsh, hazard pay, haze, haze filter, Head cameramen, head, head phones, head-on shot, head-set, head-shot, headroom, heads, heads out, heads up, heat-absorbing glass, heat-waves, heavy, heavy weight, heavy-duty, heighten an effect, helicopter shot, helmet-camera, hero shot, hero, heroine, hiatus, hidden camera, High-angle shot, High-intencity arc lamp, High-speed shooting, highlight, histotainment, hold frame, hologram, hood, Horse opera, horse opera, hot shoe, hot spot, hot story, hot-line questions, house light, housing, howl down, hub, hue, hum, humidity, hyperfocal distance, hyphenate, hypo(sulfite)


iconoclastic, idiot box, ignite, Illumination, illuminant, illumination, Image, film image, image, image steadiness, imbalance, immediacy, impairment, impartial, impedance, impersonate, imported drama, impose censorship, In-betweener, in-betweens, in-competition, inadequacy, Incandescent lamp, inky, Incidental sounds, incandescent lamp, inch, incident light, incorporate in, Independent cinema, indelible, independent contractor, index, indie prod, indyprod, indie, indy, indoor, industrial accident, infinity, informative, infotainment, ingenue, inject, inky-dink, innovative, Insert, Instructional film, insert (shot), instructional, insulate, insulating tape, insurance, insurance shot, insure, Intercut, Interior shooting, Intermediat negative, Intermediat positive, intact, integrate with, intelligible, intercom, intercutting, interface, interference, interior, interlock, interlude, intermarry, intermediate, intermittent, internal, international sound, intersect, intervalometer, interview subject, interviewee, interviewer, intrigue, introduce, inventory, investigative journalism, investigative reporter, Iris, iris, isolate, isolate frame, issue, "It shows", item, itinerary, "Ivan the Terrible"


"Jack the Ripper", jack, jam, jenny, jib, jib down (up), jitter, Joint, joint, jostle, journey, journey-footage, joy-stick, "Judgement at Nuremberg", judges' panel, juice, juicer, jump-cut, jumpy editing, juror, jury


keep take, Keylight, key, key grip, key number, key-light, kicker, Kidvid, kinescope recording, kitchen-sink drama, knob


lab, labour-grievance, laboured, labpack bag, Lack of sharpness, lag, Lamp, lampoon, landscape, lanyard, lanyard microphone, Lap dissolve, lap-top press, lapel microphone, Large screen film, Large screen picture, large-budget, large-canvas production, latent image, latitude, laugh track, launch a picture, launch a programme, lavaliere, lavender (print), "Lawrence of Arabia", lay in, lay off, lay-out, layer, Leader strip, Leading part, lead, Leaking noise, lead a jury, lead to, lead-in, leader, leader, leading lady, leading man, leaf, leak, leak news, lease, left-eyed, leg, leg man, leg-room, leg-work, legs, Lens changing, Lens coverage, Lens hood, Lens turret, Lenticular screen, length of a film, of a programme, lens, lens barrel, lens shade, lens-hood, lens-louse, lens-speed, lens-turret, lensman, lettering, level, level(ing) bubble, lever, library, library pictures, library shots, lid, life-size, lifetime-achievement award, lift a programme, "Lights, camera, action!", Light meter, Light truck, Lighting, Lighting unit, light, light-board, light-emitting diode, light-meter, light-plan, light-plot, light-proof, light-script, light-sensitive, light-source, light-struck film, light-tight, lighten, lighting cameraman, lighting electrician, lighting formula, lighting unit, limelight, line, line of sight, …


macabre film, machine, machinery, macro work, "magic hour", Magnetic film, mag, magazine, magazine throat, magenta, magnify, magnifying glass, magnum opus, Main light, Main part, Main title, main, mains-powered, maintanance, Make-up, make, make headlines, make-up, make-up artist, make-up room, makeshift, male plug, malfunction, mammoth production, man, manual, Married print, mar, marker, marketable, married print, Mask, Masked shot, mask, mass audience, mass media, master shot, masterpiece, mastery, match, matching, mate, material, matrix, matte, matte box, matte-shot, maul, meal penalty, measure, Medium shot, media, media corps, media placement, medium close, medium shot, meeting, mega-hit, mega-star, megamedia event, megaphone, megathon, memorize, memory, metaphor, meter, Microphone, mike, micro-cinematography, microphone, microphone boom, mike, mike sock, mildew, mileage money, Miniature work, miniature, minimal cinema, minor actor, minor character, minor part, mirror shot, miscast, miscolouring, mise-en-scene, mislead, mismatch, misoperation, misportray, mist, mist up, Mixing, Mixing booth, Mixing console, mix, mixed media, …


N.G. take (no good), Narrow gauge film, narration, narrative, National Film Library, Natural vision film, natural setting, needle, Negative cutting, network, Newsreel, Newsreel, news round-up, newscaster, newsdesk, newshawk, newsreel, newsroom, newsworthy, newsy, night premium, nightly news, noddie, noise, nomenclature, nomination, nominee, Non professional actor, Non synchronism, non-syne, Non-exposed stock, non-fiction, non-recurring, non-speaking part, non-verbal part, noody, notch, notice, Nouvelle Vague (New Wave), novice, nude-scene, nudie, null, Number board, numbering machine, Nursery-tale film, nut, nut-driver


oater, oblique lighting, obscure, obtain a programme, obtrusive, occurrence, ocular, off stage, off tube, off-camera, off-cuts, off-line, off-screen, off-standard, off-the cuff, offering, oil, oil-dropper, oldie, omnidirectional microphone, "On air!", on a leash, on-air personality, on-board, on-call, on-camera correspondent, on-course cameras, on-line, on-location, on-screen display, on-site commentator, on-the-beach, on-the-street interview, one-off event, one-shot, one-time event, opaque, Open air theatre, Operator, open up (the lens, the shutter), open-reel tape-recorder, opener, opening footage, opening frame, opening music, opening theme, operate, operating, operational, operator, Optical density, Optical printing, optical house, optical wedge, optical zooming, optician, optics, order, Outdoor shot, out of synch, out-of-field, out-of-order, out-of-the-frame, outdoor, outfit, outlet, outlet strip, outline, output, outs, outshots, outside-broadcasting van (OB van), outside-broadcasting vehicle, outtakes, Over-exposure, Overhead light, over-frame, over-the-shoulder, overact, overcrank, overdevelop, overexposure, overhaul, overhead, overlap, overlap splice, overleading, overlit, overloading, overlong, overnight location, overpower, overs, overshoot, overstress, overtime payment, overuse, overview


pack houses, package, packshot, paint black, paint-room, Panning, pan, pan, pan bar, pan down (up), pan handle, pan-head, panel, panel game, panelist, panning rod, panning shot, panoramic shot, paparazzo (pi — paparazzi), paper-cut, parable, parallel to, paraphernalia, parental guidance, parody, parody of smb., parroting, part, passing shot, paste together, pastiche, patron, pause a tape, pavilion, pay, pay or play, pay-load, pay-roll, pay-sheet, peak-(air)time, pedestal, peeling, Period film, perforation, performances, performer, period film, period picture, peripheral, periscope finder (attachment), persistence of vision, phone-in programme, photofilm, photogenic, photograph, photograph badly (well), photograph full face (profile), photograph too green, red etc., photographer, photometer, photomural, physical comedy, Picture, Picture composition, Picture editing, Picture negative, Picture print, Picture set-up, pick up a channel, pick up ability, pick up range, pick ups, pick-up tube, picture, picture noise, picture-area, picture-editor, picture-house, picture-tube, picture-weight, piece, piece a programme together, piercing question, pillar, pilot, pilot pins, pin, pin-hole camera, ping-ponging, pinion, piracy, pirate, pirating, pistol grip, pitch, pivot, placement, plagiarize, planar, plane, play, …


qualified, quality, quasi TV crowd, quasi movie croud, question master, "Quiet (on the set)!", quick study, quickie, quietized, quip, quiz-master, quiz-programme, quote


rack focus, rack in, rack out, radiation, radio-microphone, radio-receiver, rag copy, Rain effect, rain-cover, rainbow generator, Ranch, range, ratio, Raw material, Raw stock, raw footage, raw material, raw stock, Re-recording p, re-enact, re-take, Rear projection, reaction shot, read a signal, reading light, reading(s), rebroadcast, Recorder room, Recording director, Recording truck, recapitulation, receive a film badly (well), receiver, receptacle, reception, reconstruction, record, recorder, recording engineer, recordist, recoup, recreation, recruit, rectifier, rectify, recycle, recycle time, Reduction print, redo (a shot, a take, a sequence), reduce, reduction print, Reel, reel, Reflecting screen, reference material, reference point, refilm, reflect, reflectance, reflection, reflective panel, reflector-board, refract, refractive index, refund, Register pin, register pin, registration, registration pin, regular, regular correspondent, Rehearsal p, rehash (of smth.), rehearsal, Release, Release print, relay, release, release negative, release print, relevance, Remake, remake, remote, remote control unit, Renting, Renting company, agency, rendering, rendition, rent, rent out, rental, rental invoice, repairman, replaceable, replacement part, replay, report, reportage, reporting, …


S-size, Safety stock, safe action area, safe action zone, safety film, safety fuse, saga, sandwich, satellite, satellite dish, satirize, saturation of colours, scaffolds, scale, scale of greys, scale up, scaled-down, scan, scary flick, scathing, scattered, Scenario, Scenario writer, Scene, Scenery, scenario, scenarist, scene, scene dock, scene list, scene-shop, scenery, scenic artist, scenic film, schematic, Science-fiction, sci-fi, Scientific film, scissor, Score, musical score, Scoring, scoop, scooter, scope, score, scoring session, scoring stage, scout filming locations, Screen, Screen actor, Screen actress, Screen adaptation, Screen image, Screen test, Screen version, Screening, Screening of rushes, Screenplay, Screenwriter, Screwball comedy, Scrim, Script, Script-girl, Script-writer, scramble, scrap of film, scrappy, scratch, scratch track, screen, screen badly, well, screen ratio, screen-test, screen-writer, screening, screening room, screenplay, screw, screw in, screw-driver, screw-in, scribble, script, script proposal, script-clerk, script-superviser, script-superwisor, script-writer, scull shot, sealing tape, search, season, second cycle story, security bolt, segment, self-contained, self-luminous, send-up, sensibility, sensitivity, sensor, …


table, table-top type, tabloid, tachometer, tag a film, a tape, tag-line, tailor, tails out, tails up, "Take five (ten)!", Take, Take-up spool, Taking distance, Taking lens, take, take apart, take calls, take on, take photos, take questions, take-up chamber, take-up side, take-up spool, taking lens, takings, Talking film, talkie, talent, talents, talk-show, talkies, talking film, talking head, talking suit, tally light, tangsten, tank, tape, tape-recorder, target audience, taste, Teaching film, Team, Teaser, team, team up with smb, tear-jerker, tease, tech rehearsal, technician, technique, technophobe, teenage drama, teenie star, Telescopic lens, tele-cuer, tele-lens, tele-prompter, telecast, telecaster, teledish, telephoto, telerecording, telescope, telescopic, telethon (television + marathon), teletypewriter, telly, tendentious, tension, tent, terminals, battery terminals, terminate a contract, terrestrial, Test strip, test, test-pattern, testimonial, texture, "That Hamilton Woman", "The Cranes Are Flying", "The Gold Rush", Theatre circuit, theater, theatrical, theatrical picture, theme, theoretician, theorist, thespian, thick, thin, think up, Threading up, Three dimensional film, 3-d film, Thriller, Throw, projection throw, thread, thread a film into a camera, three-shot, three-sixty, …


ultra-directional microphone, ultra-fast, ultra-violet, unbiased news, unbroken take, Under-exposure, undercrank, underexposure, underground, undermaintenance, undershoot, understaffed, understudy, unfold, Unit manager, unipod, unit, universal leader, Unmarried print, unphotographable, unscripted, update, upgrade, uplink, uprate, upright, usable area, use up, used, user, usherer


V-wedge, vacuous, value, valve, vantage point, variable, variety, varifocal, vault, vehicle, vein, velocity, velvety, verse, versioning, vibrant, videographer, videotape, videowall, view, view-camera, viewer, viewership, viewfinder, vignette, vilify, vintage-film, violent film, virgin tape, Vision persistence, visibility, vision, vista, visuals, vocation, Voiceover, voice, voice actor, voice artist, voice-over, volume, vox-pops


wage delay, waist-lever finder, waist-shot, walk-on, walk-through, walk-way, walking shot, wall-socket, wand, War flick, war photographer, war zone, wardrobe department, wardrobe master, wardrobe superwisor, wardrobe test, wares, warm-up time, wash out, waste-bin, "Waterloo Bridge", watch, watch the camera, watchable, water-proof, water-repellent, water-tight, wattage, wave machine, wave-form monitor, weak, wear and tear, wear off, wear out, wearproof, weatherize, weatherman, weatherproof, Wedge, optical wedge, wedge-filter, weed out, weeper, weepie, weigh, well-crafted, well-worn, Western, western, wheel, whimsy, whip, whip-pan, whip-shot, whitewash, whiz-pan, Wide angle lens, Wide film, Wide screen, Wide screen film, wide-angle lens, wide-screen, wide-shot, widen, "Wild Strawberries", wild goose chase, wild picture, wild shot, wild sound, wild track, wind back, wind machine, wind screen, wind shield, wind sleeve, wind up, winterize, Wipe, wipe, wire service, wired microphone, wireless (mike), withhold a name, withhold information, Working print, Worm's eye view, work print, work shifts, workable, working order, working title, workshop, worm’s eye view, worn-out, worth the watch, wrangler, wrap, wrap-up, wrench, write-off, write-up, writer


x-ray film (plate)


Y-cable, Y-joint, yawner


zap, zeppelin, zip-pan, Zoom away (shot), Zoom in (shot), Zoom lens, zoof, zoom, zoom back, zoom forward, zoom in, zoom out, zoom-happy, zoom-lens, zoom-range, zoom-ratio, zoom-shot, "Zorba the Greek"

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