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1+1 protection, 1:1 protection, 1 dB passband width, 10-s complement, 10Base-2, 10Base-5, 10Base-T, 15 kHz audio, 15 supergroup assembly, 15-supergroup assembly link, 15-supergroup assembly section


3.1 kHz handset telephony, 3 dB passband width, 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check, 3rd Generation Mobile System, 3rd Generation Partnership Project, 3rd Generation Partnership Project No2


4-wire chain, 4-wire chain


5.1 Multi Channel Audio, 5-3 reversible filter




9-7 irreversible filter


"A collaborative editor", A/Gb mode, Abandon, Abandoned call attempt, Abandonment, Abandonment probability, Abate, Abatement, Abbreviate, Abbreviated dialing, Abbreviated dialing prefix, Abbreviated dialing services, Abbreviated dialling, Abbreviated number, Abbreviation, Abelian group (commutative group), Abend dump, Abend recovery program, Ability, Ablative, Abnormal condition report, Abnormal end, Abnormal termination, Abort (of a process), Above 30 MHz, Above board, Abrogate, Abrogation, Absent subscriber service, Absent subscriber service, Absolute, Absolute Category Rating, Absolute QoS, Absolute address, Absolute error, Absolute error of a measurement, Absolute error of a measuring instruments, Absolute expression, Absolute gain (of an antenna), Absolute level, Absolute level of an electromagnetic field, Absolute pathname, Absolute power density level, Absolute power level, Absolute priority, Absolute program, Absolute voltage level, Absolute zero power level, Absorption laws, Absorption loss, Abstract Syntax Notation One, Abstract bind operation, Abstract data type, Abstract error, Abstract family of languages, Abstract grammar, Abstract information item, Abstract interface, Abstract local primitive, Abstract machine, Abstract object, Abstract operation, Abstract port, Abstract procedure, Abstract service, Abstract syntax, Abstract syntax name, Abstract syntax value, Abstract test case, Abstract test method, Abstract test suite, Abstract testing methodology, Abstract unbind operation, Abstract value, Abstract-association, Abstract-unbind-parameters, Abstraction, Abuse, Abusive declaration, Abusive registration of the names and acronyms, AC transform coefficient, Accelerated Publications Production Group, Accelerated test, Accelerated МСЭ-T H.245 procedures, Acceleration time, Accelerator, Accentuation, Acceptable level of a measure, Acceptance, Acceptance Margin Declaration, Acceptance input, Acceptance scale, Acceptance test, Acceptance testing, Accepted Signal Label, Accepted Trace Identifier, Accepted interference, Accepting SS-user, Accepting association control protocol machine, Accepting state, …


B channel, B-ISDN, Broadband-ISDN, Babyphone service, Back channel, Back cover, Back end, Back face, Back loss, Back reflection, Back-end Server, Back-end processor, Back-face removal, Back-off, Back-to-back insertion, Backboard, Backbone, Backbone, Backbone, Backbone cable, Backbone network, Backbone pathway, Background, Background application, Background block error, Background block error ratio, Background color, Background colour, Background execution, Background image, Background job, Background printing, Background priority, Background processing, Backgrounding, Backhaul communication, Backhaul communication, Backhaul network, Backplane, Backscattering, Backtracking, Backup, Backus normal form, Backus-Naur form, Backward Defect Indication, Backward Defect Indication Overhead, Backward Defect Indication Payload, Backward Error Indication, Backward Explicit Congestion Notification, Backward Incoming Alignment Error, Backward Indication, Backward compatibility, Backward compatible, Backward compatible with extensions, Backward defect indicator, Backward direction, Backward echo, Backward error correction, Backward indicator bit, Backward loss (isolation) (for an optical isolator), Backward sequence number, Backward signal, Bad debts, Badge, Badge reader, Bait Spam, Balance, Balance of unliquidated obligations, Balance return loss, Balanced aggregate signal, Balanced cable, Balanced code, Balanced group of appropriate experts, Balanced transmission, Balun (balanced-unbalanced), Band, Band fragmentation, Band matrix, Band number, Band scanning receiver, Band sensation level, Band under consideration, Band-limited channel, Band-pass filter, Band-reject filter, Band-stop filter, Bandwidth, Bandwidth, Bandwidth, Bandwidth Change Confirmation, Bandwidth Change Reject, Bandwidth Change Request, Bandwidth Confirm, Bandwidth Reject, Bandwidth Request, Bandwidth allocation map, Bandwidth expansion ratio, Bandwidth of an optical fiber, Bandwidth-restricted system, Bank switching, Bar code, …


C-band, Cabinet, Cable Address Portal, Cable Address Translation, Cable Breaking Load, Cable DHCP Client, Cable DHCP Server, Cable Loss Compensator, Cable Management Portal, Cable Modem, Cable Modem Termination System, Cable Modem Termination System – Network Side Interface, Cable Modem to CPE Interface, Cable Naming Portal, Cable Network Address Translation, Cable Network Address and Port Translation, Cable News Network, Cable PS Sub-function, Cable Quality of Service, Cable Quality-of-Service Portal, Cable Terminating Equipment, Cable administration, Cable burial, Cable coupler, Cable cutoff wavelenght, Cable element, Cable elongation with fixed end, Cable elongation with free gyration, Cable full safe modulus, Cable gyration, Cable head-ends, Cable jointing box, Cable laying, Cable loss, Cable modem, Cable modem, Cable modulus, Cable network, Cable operational modulus, Cable port, Cable recovery, Cable riser, Cable safety margin, Cable section margin, Cable security portal, Cable telephony, Cable television, Cable termination, Cable transition, Cable transitory modulus, Cable unit, CableHome Testing Portal, Cabled distribution, Cabled fibre attenuation, Cabled fibre strain, Cabling, Cabling system certification, Cache (client-side), Cache-copy, Cache-model (server-side), Cacheable:, Caching, Calculation of Costs, Tariffs and Rates for Telephone Services, Calculation of frequency fees, Calibrated, Calibration, Calibration Factor, Calibration bar, Calibration of measuring instrument, Call, Call, Call Agent, Call Barring, Call Center / Contact Center, Call Completion to Busy Subscriber, Call Control Function, Call Controller, Call Deflection, Call Detail Record, Call Feature Provisioning, Call Forwarding on No Reply, Call Forwarding on mobile subscriber Not Reachable, Call Identification Code, Call Intrusion, Call Management Server, Call Pickup, Call Progress Tone, Call Reference Value, Call Server based, Call Server-based PSTN/ISDN Emulation Service component, Call Session Control Function, Call Session Control Server, Call accepted signal, Call admission control, Call attempt (by a user), Call center, Call clear failure probability, Call clear-down, Call clearing delay, Call collision at the DTE/DCE interface, …


D/A converter, D flip-flop, DAEMON, Daily noise exposure, Daily record of events, Daily subsistence allowance, Daily task list, Daisychain, Daisywheel printer, Danger now, Danger to come, Dark, Dash (in Morse code), Dashdot, Dashees, Data, Data Block Delay Jitter, Data Block Delivered Ratio, Data Block Loss Ratio, Data Block Transfer Delay, Data Bus, Data Carrier Detect, Data Circuit Terminating Equipment, Data Circuit-terminating Equipment, Data Command MLP, Data Communication Channel, Data Communication Function, Data Communication Network, Data Communications Channel, Data Communications Function, Data Communications Network, Data Country Code, Data Delivery Rate, Data Encryption Standard, Data Encryption Standard, Data Link Connection Identifier, Data Link Control, Data Module, Data Network Identification Code, Data Protection Act 1984, Data Set Ready, Data Set Ready, Data Switching Exchange, Data Terminal Equipment, Data Terminal Ready, Data User Part, Data above voice (transmission), Data abstraction, Data acknowledgement, Data acquisition, Data activity ratio, Data archiving, Data base management system, Data break, Data bus, Data caching, Data capture, Data carrier failure detector, Data chaining, Data channel, Data channel failure detector, Data channel propagation time, Data channel, analogue, Data channel, digital, Data circuit, Data cleaning, Data collection, Data collection satellite, Data communication, Data communication equipment, Data communications, Data communications function block, Data compaction, Data compression, Data concentrator, Data contamination, Data description language, Data dictionary, Data directory, Data entry, Data file, Data frame, Data group, Data hierarchy, Data independence, Data integrity, Data item, Data line, Data link, Data link control protocol, Data link layer, Data link layer of network protocol function, Data link-control, Data logging, Data management, Data management system, Data mark, Data matrix, Data medium, Data model, …


E-agriculture, E-banking, E-business, E-Community Learning & Information Centres initiative, E-commerce, E-education, e-environment, E-governance, E-government, E-health, E-inclusion, E.i.r.p. spectral density, E-learning, E-model, E-NNI transport resource name, E-readiness, E-Strategy Unit, E-strategy, E-trade, E-transaction, E1, Ear Canal Entrance Point, Ear Cap Reference Point, Ear Reference Point, Ear canal extension, Ear cap reference plane, Ear simulator, Earcap reference plane, Earcap reference point, Eardrum reference point, Earlier transmitted bits, Early disclosure, Early distortion, Early failure period, Early packet Discard, Early retirement, Early warning, Earphone coupling loss, Earth, Earth Leakage Breaker, Earth Potential Rise, Earth Summit, Earth exploration-satellite service, Earth ground, Earth-return double phantom circuit, Earth-return phantom circuit, Earthing bar, East African Community, Easyload, Eccentricity, Echo, Echo Cancelling, Echo balance return loss, Echo cancellation, Echo cancellation, Echo canceller, Echo check, Echo control device, Echo control device indicator, Echo curve, Echo is off, Echo is on, Echo loss, Echo path, Echo path loss, Echo suppression, Echo suppressor, Echo suppressor indicator, Echo-suppressor indicator (sent in the forward direction), Echomail, Echometric measurement, Echoplex mode, Eclipse, Ecole Superiere Multinationale des Telecommunications, Economic Community of Central African States, Economic Community of West African States, Economic standard antenna, Economic value of frequency spectrum, Economically viable zone, Economies of scale, Edge, Edge Router, Edge board, Edge busyness, Edge card, Edge connector, Edit, Editing, Editing process, Editor, Editorial Committee, Education grant, Eearth station, Effective Area, Effective Earth radius factor, Effective address, Effective algorithm, Effective antenna gain contour (of a steerable satellite beam), Effective boresight area (of a steerable satellite beam), Effective call attempt, …


Fabric, Fabry-Perot Laser Diode, Fabry-Perot Laser Diode, Face-change character, Faced shading, Facilitating roaming of 3G mobile handset, Facilitator, Facility Associated Signalling, Facility accepted message, Facility accepted message, Facility indicator, Facility indicator, Facility reject message, Facility reject message, Facility request message, Facing page view, Facing pages, Facsimile, Facsimile, Facsimile Packet Assembly/Disassembly, Facsimile demodulation/remodulation, Facsimile machine, Facsimile machine, Facsimile packet assembly/disassembly facility, Facsimile service, Facsimile telephone number, Facsimile terminal, Facsimile terminal, Factor analysis, Factor of amplitude modulation, Factor of cooperation, Factor of cooperation, Factor of harmonics, Factor set, Factorable code, Factorial designs, Fade margin, Fade margin loss, Fading allowance, Fading margin, Fail back, Fail-safe, Fail-soft, Failed to attach the server, Failure, Failure Of Protocol, Failure cause, Failure cause, Failure intensity acceleration factor, Failure intensity acceleration factor, Failure mechanism, Failure rate, Failure rate, Failure rate acceleration factor, Failure recovery, Failure response time, Failure response time, Fair competition, failure, False, False, False alert, Family, Family (of entries), Fan-beam, Fan-in, Fan-out, Fano coding, Fano decoding, Far End, Far End Block Error, Far End Crosstalk, Far End Receive Failure, Far-End crosstalk, Far-end, Far-end Block, Far-end Defect Second, Far-end Errored Block Count, Far-field region, Fast Ethernet, Fast Failure Detection, Fast Failure Detection Packet, Fast Frequency Hopping, Fast Re-Route, Fast associated control channel, Fast core, Fast fourier transform, Fast infoset SOAP message, Fast infoset document, Fast roll-off reference antenna pattern, Fast web services, Fast-enabled web service client, Fast-recovery limiter, Father file, Father of a node, Fault, Fault Management, Fault analysis, Fault cause, Fault condition, …


G-PON Encapsulation Mode, Gain, Gain, Gain Flatness, Gain Measurement Point, Gain compression power, Gain degradation, Gain equalizer, Gain in relation to a half-wave dipole, Gain in relation to a short vertical antenna, Gain of an antenna, Gain ripple, Galerkin’s method, Gallery, Galley, Gallium arsenide devices, Galois field, Game theory, Gamma, Gap, Gap on the magnetic tape, Gap theorem, Garbage, Garbage collection, Garbage in garbage out, Gas discharge tube, Gate, Gate control, Gated RQ, Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper Confirm, Gatekeeper Identifier, Gatekeeper Reject, Gatekeeper Request, Gatekeeper Security Processor, Gateway Call Server, Gateway Foreign Agent, Gateway GPRS Support Node, Gateway Location Register, Gateway Mobile Location Centre, Gateway Mobile Switching Centre, Gateway Mobile Switching Centre Server, Gateway Network Element, Gateway mobile service switching center, Gather write, gateway, Gaussian distribution, Gaussian elimination, Gaussian filtered minimum shift keying, Gaussian frequency shift keying, Gaussian minimum shift keying, Gaussian noise, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, General Agreement on Trade in Services, General Bearer Services, General Committee, General Communication Channel, General Management Communications Overhead, General Packet Radio Service, General Policy and Strategy, General Rules, General Switched Telephone Network, General agreement, General analysis, General information window area, General negative recorded announcement, General negative recorded announcement, General option, General option, General option area, General option area, General parameters, General parameters, General population/uncontrolled exposure, General positive recorded announcement, General positive recorded announcement, General powers, General preparatory process, General principles, General public, General rapporteur, General recorded announcement, General recursivness, General staff, General statements, General telecommunication landscape, General telecommunications information service, General type, General-attribute, General-attribute, General-auto-action, General-auto-action, General-purpose interface bus, Generalized, Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Generalized mobility, Generated encoding structure, Generating Polynomial for CRC, Generating polynomial, …


Hail, Hairline, Half Duplex FDD, Half adder, Half character rate, Half character rate, Half connection, Half connection, Half subtractor, Half word, Half-duplex, Half-duplex apparatus, Half-duplex apparatus, Half-duplex operation, Half-duplex operation, Half-echo suppressor, Half-echo suppressor, Half-power beamwidth, Half-tone display, Halftone dot, Halftone image, Halting problem, Hand-held, Hand-off, Handbook, Handbook on good practices and success stories, Handheld, Handoff gain, Handoff loss, Handover, Hands free (telephone) set, Hands off, Hands on, Hands-Free Reference Point, Hands-free terminal, Handset, Handset telephone, Handshake, Handshaking, Hang up, Hang-up signal, Hang-up signal, Hard copy, Hard decision decoding, Hard error, Hard handoff, Hard handover, Hard line terminator, Hard line terminator, Hard rerouting, Hard rerouting service, Hard state, Hardware, Hardware character generation, Hardware circuity, Hardware description, Hardware reliability, Hardware security, Hardwired, Harmful interference, Harmful out-of-band components, Harmonic Related Carrier, Harmonic emissions, Hash function, Hash function, Hash search, Hash table, Hash total, Hash value, Hashed Message Authentication Code, Hashing algorithm, Hatch, Hath layer network, Haul, Having due regard to, Hazard, Hazardous Materials, Hazards, HDLC frame format, Head and Torso Simulator, Head end, Head of Department, Head of delegation, Head of the Line, Head of the line, Head-on collision, Head-on collision, Headend, Header, Header Error Check, Header Error Control, Header block, Header check sequence., Heading, Heading, Headnote, Heads Up Display, Headset, Health Academy, Health and Security Committee, …


I-beam, i-mode, I/O buffering, I/O bus, I/O channel, I/O control, I/O device, I/O file, I/O instruction, I/O limited, I/O mapping, I/O port, I/O processor, I/O register, I/O supervisor, I/O switching, IC card, ICANN Government Advisory Committee, ICANN Technical Liaison Group, Icon, ICT Advisory Group, ICT Development Report, ICT Government, ICT for development, ID control field, ID display field, Ideal instant, Ideal instant, Identification, Identification Friend or Foe, Identification Friend or Foe/Neutral, Identification code, Identification handle, Identification invitation, Identification invitation, Identification light, Identification number, Identification of stations, Identification procedure, Identification procedure, Identification request, Identification request, Identification signal, Identified, Identified frequency bands, Identifier, Identifier, Identify burst, Identities, Identity, Identity defederation, Identity element, Identity federation, Identity function, Identity matrix, Identity number, Identity provider, Identity provider lite, Idle Period Downlink, Idle Signal Identification, Idle circuit condition, Idle circuit condition, Idle mode, Idle state; free state, Idle time, Idle-signal casting multiple access with partial echo, Idling signal, IEPS call, If and only if, Ignore character, Ill-conditioned, Illegal character, Illegal instruction, Illuminate, Illumination, Illustrative, IMA Control Protocol (cell), Image, Image area, Image area offset, Image data, Image dimensions, Image dimensions, Image processing, Image-rejection ratio (of a receiver), Imaging order, Imaging order, Imaging process, Imaging process, Imaging radar, Immediate Service Termination, Immediate access store, Immediate addressing, Immediate recipient, Immediate recipient, Immediate superior (noun), Immediate superior (noun), Immediate superior reference, Immediately superior, Immediately superior, …


Jack, Jaggies, Jerkiness, Jerky motion, Jitter, Jitter, Jitter buffer, Job, Job area, Job area, Job description, Job file, Job mix, Job monitoring, Job processing, Job queue, Job scheduling, Job step, Job stream, Job-control language, Join operator, Joint Activity on Network Aspects of Identification Systems, Joint Advisory Committee, Joint Inspection Group Statute, Joint Inspection Unit, Joint Inter-Agency Meeting on Computer-Assisted Terminology and Translation, Joint Photographic Experts Group, Joint Rapporteur Group, Joint Services Imagery Processing System, Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, Joint Tactical Information Distribution System, Joint Technical Committee, Joint engineering, Joint management group, Joint task group, Josephson junction, Josephson technology, Journal tape, JP2 file, Judicious, Julian Date, Julian Day number, Jump instruction, Jumper, Junction, Junctor, Junior professional officer, Junk e-mail (spam), Justifiable digit time-slot, Justification, Justification, Justification Overhead, Justification rate, Justification rate, Justification ratio, Justification ratio, Justification service digit, Justification service digit, Justified, Justifying digit, Justifying digit


Ka-band, Karnaugh map, keep, keep frame on one page, keep together, keep with next, Kern, Kerning offset, Kerning offset, kernel, kerning, Key, Key Business Objectives, Key Derivation Rate, Key Distribution Center, Key Performance Indicators, Key Performance Objectives, Key attribute, Key escrow creditors, Key exchange, Key management, Key pair, Key parameter, Key parameter, Key sorting, Key to disk, Key to tape, Keyboard, Keyboard encoder, Keyboard perforator, Keyboard perforator, Keyboard selection, Keyboard selection, Keyboard transmitter, Keyed MAC on x using key k, Keyed numeral, Keyed numeral, Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code, Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication, Keying, Keynote addresses, Keypad, Keypunch, Keyword, Keyword parameter, Kilobit/second, Kilometric waves, Kleene’s theorem, Kleene’s theorem on fixed points, Knapsack problem, Knot, Knowledge base, Knowledge engineering, Knowledge information, Knowledge reference, Knowledge reference, Knowledge tree, Knowledge tree, Ku-band


L-Band, Label, Label Distribution Protocol, Label Edge Router, Label Edge Router/Home Agent,, Label Information Base, Label Switch Router, Label Switched Path, Label Switching Router, Label included, Label inferred PHB scheduling class LSP, Label led packet, Label merging, Label not found, Label stack, Label swap, Label swapping, Label switch path, Label switched hop, Label value, Label-Only-Inferred-PSC LSP, Labeled channel, Labeled deterministic channel, Labeled interface structure, Labeled multiplexing, Labeled statistical channel, Laboratory test, Lambda calculus, LANE Client, LANE Configuration Server, LANE Server, Land, Land cable, Land earth station, Land masses, Land mobile earth station, Land mobile radio, Land mobile service, Land mobile station, Land mobile-satellite service, Land portion, Land station, Land station charge, Landing point, Landline charge, Landlocked countries, Landmark, Language, Language Section, Language construct, Language course, Language or discriminating digit (sent in the forward direction), Lapse, Lapse factor (delay in recruitment), Large Aircraft Multi-Band Source, Large Screen Digital Imagery, Large-scale display imag, Large-scale integration, Large-signal output stability, Laser Control Field, Laser Diode, Laser IRCM Flyout Experiment, Laser printer, Last Control Character, Last In First Out, Last Segment, Last call period, Latch, Late Join Confirm, Late Join Request, Late distortion, Late payment, Latency, Latent fault, Lattice, Law Enforcement Agencies, Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance, Layer, Layer, Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol, Layer 4-7 protocol, Layer Adjacency Discovery, Layer Network Interworking Function, Layer interface, Layer network, Layer service, Layer service element, Layer service primitives, Layer-management, Laying angle, Laying limit condition, Layout, Layout category, Layout object, Layout object class, Layout of the frequency plans, Layout option, Layout path, Layout process, Layout stile identifier, …


MAC Layer Management Entity, MAC Management Protocol Data Unit, MAC Medium Access Control, MAC Protocol Data Unit, MAC Service Data Unit, MAC address, MAC frame, MAC protocol, MAC service access point., Machine, Machine Translation, Machine address, Machine code, Machine equivalence, Machine intelligence, Machine language, Machine language, Machine word, Machine-independent, Machine-oriented high-level language, Machine-oriented language, Machine-simulation, Machinery, Macintosh, Macro, Macro (instruction), Macro call, Macro cells, Macro command, Macro definition, Macro diagram, Macro diversity, Macro diversity handover, Macro recorder, Macro-assembler, Macro-generator, Macro-instruction, Macro-processor, Macro-segmentation (of the frequency bands), Macroblock, Macroblock address, Macroblock location, Macroblock pair, Macroblock partition, Macroblock to slice group map, Macroblock-Adaptive Frame-Field Coding, Macroblock-adaptive frame/field decoding, Magnetic bubble memory, Magnetic card, Magnetic cell, Magnetic disk, Magnetic drum, Magnetic encoding, Magnetic head, Magnetic media, Magnetic stripe, Magnetic-ink character recognition, Magnitude of a quantity, Magnitude of the separation distance, Magnitude refinement pass, Mailbox, Main (optical) path, Main Distribution Frame, Main Earth Terminal, Main Path Interface, Main cable, Main cross connect, Main distribution frame, Main distribution frame,, Main grounding busbar, Main header, Main line, Main memory, Main program, Main repeater station, Main section, Main storage, Main store, Main video, Main-entry, Mainframe, Mains Earth conductor, Mains Line (phase) conductor, Mains Neutral conductor, Mainstream group, Maintainability, Maintainability allocation; maintainability apportionment, Maintainability demonstration, Maintainability model, Maintainability performance, Maintainability prediction, Maintainability programme, Maintainability verification, Maintenance, Maintenance (of recommendation), Maintenance Communication Channel, Maintenance Entity, Maintenance Loop Signalling Entity, Maintenance Point, Maintenance Signal, …

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